Future Forests: Climbers and Wall Shrubs. Suitable for Mail Order  Updated 9th January 2018.

Parthenocissus veitchiiClematis 'Elsa Spath'Hedera 'Gloire de Marengo'Clematis Miss Bateman


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  Actinidia kolomikta Colourful foliage 3lt 2'+ 10.00
  Ampelopsis gl. 'maximowiczii Porcelain Berry      
  Berberidopsis coralina Coral Plant      
  Ceanothus arb. 'Trewithen Blue' Evergreen, blue flowers, needs warmth 3lt 2' 12.00
  Cissus striata Evergreen 2lt 1' 10.00
  evergreen varieties: armandii Large leaf, white flowers early in the year 3lt 2' 15.00
    'Early Sensation' Attractive foliage, cream flowers 3lt 2' 15.00
Pic montana varieties:          
  hardy, vigorous 'Grandiflora' White 3lt 2'+ 10.00
  and flower early 'Tetrarose' Pink 3lt 2'+ 10.00
  Clianthus puniceus Lobster Claw 2lt 3' 15.00
  Garrya ell. 'James Roof'        
  Hedera In variety including: Ivy      
    'Gloire de Marengo'   later    
  all evergreen and 'Sulphur Heart' Large leaf, green and creamy yellow later    
    (syn. 'Paddy's Pride')        
    helix 'Goldchild'   2lt 2' 10.00
    helix 'Goldheart' Small leaf, gold/green, tinged pink in winter 2lt 2'+ 10.00
    helix  Golden Kolibri' Small green & gold leaves 2lt 2' 10.00
    helix 'Ivalace'   3lt 2'+ 10.00
    helix 'Hibernica' Excellent for ground cover, low walls etc 9cm 1' 3.00
Pic Hydrangea petiolaris Climbing Hydrangea Large white flowers, yellow autumn foliage 9cm 1' 5.00
      self clinging, good on shady walls 3lt 2' 10.00
    pet. 'Brookside Little Leaf'   3lt 2' 15.00
    pet. Miranda' gold & green variegated leaves 3lt 2' 15.00
    pet. 'Silver Lining' green and white marked foliage 3lt 2' 15.00
    seratifolia   3lt 2' 15.00
  Jasminium nudiflorum Winter Jasmine Yellow flowers brighten dark days 2lt 2' 10.00
    officinale   Summer Jasmine Fragrant white flowers in summer 3lt 2' 10.00
    off. 'Clotted Cream'   3lt 2' 10.00
    off. 'Inverleith'   2lt 2'+ 10.00
  Lathyrus latifolius 'Pink Pearl' Perennial Sweet Pea      
  Lonicera Honeysuckle        
    crassifolia small evergreen leaf, yellow flower 2lt 1'+ 10.00
    'Copper Beauty' Evergreen 3lt 2' 12.00
        3lt 2'+ 15.00
    h. 'Goldflame'        
    henryi Evergreen 2lt 2' 10.00
    jap. 'Halls Prolific'        
    per.'Graham Thomas'   3lt 2'+ 10.00
    per. 'Serotina' Late Dutch Honeysuckle      
    sempervirens   3lt 2'+ 10.00
  Parthenocissus quinquifolia Virginia Creeper, great autumn colour later    
  all self clinging   Happy on north walls      
    q. 'Henryana' Large leaf with pale midrib, great autumn colour 2lt 2' 10.00
    q. 'Red Wall'   3lt 2'+ 12.00
    q. 'Yellow Wall'   3lt 2'+ 12.00
    tricuspidata veitchii Boston Ivy later   10.00
  Passiflora c. 'Purple Passion' Passion Flower 2lt 2' 12.00
    c. 'Constance Elliott'   2lt 2' 15.00
  Polygonium baldschanica = Fallopia aubertii Russian / Mile-a-Minute Vine      
  Pyracantha 'Orange Charmer' Firethorn 9cm 1' 3.00
    'Red Column'   9cm 1' 3.00
        3lt 2'+ 10.00
    'Soleil d'Or'   9cm 1' 3.00
        3lt 2'+ 10.00
  Rosa Climbing Roses in variety ~ please ask     15.00
  Schisandra chinensis Chinese Magnolia Vine 9cm 1' 8.00
    grandiflora   3lt 3' 15.00
  Schizophragma hyd. 'Rosea' Self clinging, large pink tinged flowers later    
    intergrfolium white flowers 3lt 1-2' 12.00
Pic Solanum crispum 'Glasnevin' Potatoe Vine. Blue flowers, needs support      
    jas. 'Album' Similar with cluster of white flowers 3lt 2'+ 10.00
  Trachelospermum jasminoides Star Jasmine 3lt 2'+ 15.00
  Vitis vinifera 'Purpurea' Purple foliage, brilliant in autumn 3lt 2'+ 12.00
  Wisteria sinensis Blue mauve flowers 5lt 5-6' 25.00
    sinensis 'Alba' White flowers 5lt 5-6' 25.00