Future Forests container-grown Bamboos. Updated 9th February 2018.
Silver Tree FernPleioblastus VariegatusTree FernPhyllostachys Bissetti
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GENUS SPECIES/VARIETY Common Name and Description Price  per  Pot 
    No Price = temp. out of stock 2 to 3 lt 5 to 7 lt 10 lt +
  Fargesia murieliae Umbrella Bamboo Dense clumps of slender arching canes. Long narrow leaves. Clump forming, hardy, height 2.5 to 4m      
Pic   murieliae  'Bimbo'  

A tight, clump-forming, hardy bamboo, ideal for an restricted space or containers. Grow in moisture-retentive soil. Height up to 1m

    murieliae 'Joy' Tough and wind resistant. Happy in sun or shade, ideal for containers, clump forming. Height 2m      
Pic   murieliae 'Jumbo'        

Hardy, thick, bushy habit, good for a container, or makes an unusual soft, waving hedge. Plant in moisture retentive soil.  up to 4.5m x 4.5m+              

    murieliae 'New Century' Glaucous blue shoots, clump forming to 3m 22.00    
    murieliae 'Simba' Similar to 'Jumbo' but smaller growing at 2m. Lovely in a container 20.00    
    murieliae 'Vampire' New cultivar, reddish purple stems 4.5m      
    nitida 'Black Pearl' Fountain Bamboo. Graceful habit, non invasive canes vary from fresh green to deep black 3-4m      
    nitida 'Jiuzhaigou'   A new clump-forming cultivar with red new growth maturing to yellow, 3m 22.00    
    nitida 'Volcano' Red canes, arching habit. Good specimen or non invasive screen. 2m      
    nitida 'Winter Joy' Dense, non-invasive blue green culms form a fountain shape to 3-4m 22.00    

Brilliant white sheaths on new culms. Hardy and wind resistant. 

    robusta 'Pingwu' Very hardy clumping bamboo with yellowish stems      
Pic   rufa    

A hardy bamboo of compact, dense habit, excellent in a container, as an isolated specimen or as a hedge. Grow in moisture retentive soil. 2.5m

22.00 40.00  
'Asian Wonder'
Clump forming, non-invasive with decorative, narrow leaves. New culms purple maturing olive green with orange sheaths. reaches 3-4m   28.00  
  Indocalmus tessellatus Forms a leafy mound 1 metre high with large spear shaped leaves      
  Phyllostachys aurea Golden Bamboo Very hardy, knobbly golden canes, tall to 5m      
Pic   aureosulcata 'Aureocaulis'

Golden Crookstem      A hardy bamboo with occasional green stripes at base of culms. Shelter from winds, plant in humus-rich fertile soil. 6m x 4m

Pic   aureosulcata 'Spectabilis' Yellow-Grove Bamboo   Young stems purple if exposed to sun, maturing to yellow, striped green. Tall, upright habit. Frost hardy, dislikes wind. 4-6m    45.00  
Pic   bissettii

Dark evergreen bamboo with spreading rhizomes, fast to establish. Exposure tolerant, good for windbreaks 7m x 4m+

    'Metake' Arrow Bamboo Large deep green leaf and olive green stem. Hardy, good screen to approx 3m      
Pic   nigra         Black Bamboo Fully hardy, clump-forming, with arching slender canes that turn lustrous black in their second or third year. Grow in fertile, moist, well-drained soil. Height x spread up to 5m x 1.5m.      
    nigra 'Punctata' Dark, brown black mottled canes. Vigorous to 9m   50.00  
Pic Pleioblastus shibuyanus 'Tsuboi' Low growing with erect habit, hardy, good as groundcover, grow in rich moist soil, needs frequent clipping to look its best      
Pseudosasa japonica Arrow Bamboo  Dense upright habit. Olive green culms and large leaves. Very hardy, withstanding wind but not dryness. Good as a specimen or in a large container. 4m                                              22.00    
  Sasa veitchii Hardy, up to 2.5m, clump forming but root restriction might be necessary      
  Semiarundinaria fastuosa Green Temple Bamboo   Vigorous, upright habit, column appearance, hardy and wind tolerant, 6m         
  Thamnocalmus cras. 'Kew Beauty New culms blue, beautiful foliage, 4m