Future Forests. Bareroot Willows price list. Mail-order available. Updated 9th February 2018.

Salix TortuosaSalix AcutifoliaSalix Sacchalinensis SekkaSalix Caprea

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Bare-root Willows are only for sale when dormant, from late October to early April.
Please see the bottom of this page for Willow Collections and Un-rooted Cuttings
  Height and Spread after 10 years Most are Bare-root Whips from 4 to 6ft tall   Price each in Euro
    SPECIES DESCRIPTION   1-9 plants 10-99 plants 100+ plants
                       Ba = Basket Willow    Bi = Biomass    O = Ornamental    T = Tree Willow    W = Wild
  15'x15' S.acutifolia 'Blue Streak' Masses of silvery catkins, distinct blue/white bloom on stems lovely in winter. Takes hard pruning T O 6.00 5.00  
Pic 40'x20' S.alba White Willow Large tree, good by sea &  river        T 2.50 1.80 1.20
Pic 15'x8' S.alba 'Chermesina' (Britzensis) Reddish twigs O 2.50 1.80 1.20
Pic 25'x20' S.alba 'Tristis'            
(syn x sepulcralis chrysocoma)
Yellow twigged weeping willow T 6'+ 22.00  
Pic 20'x20' S.alba vittelina Yellow twigged basket willow Ba O 2.50 1.80 1.20
Pic 12'x8' S.aurita  Wrinkled leaves, shrubby native W 2.50 1.80 1.20
Pic 25'x15' S.babylonica 'Tortuosa' Twisted Willow Good specimen tree O 4.00 3.00  
Pic 20'x15' S.caprea Goat or Pussy Willow Very tough, native   W T 2.50 1.80 1.20
Pic 8'x6' S.caprea 'Kilmarnock' Weeping tree for small gardens,  
top grafted
O 24.00  
Pic 35'x20' S.cinerea (Grey Willow) Fast and adaptable, also has 'pussy' catkins W T Bi 2.50 1.80 1.20
Pic 25'x15' S.daphnoides (Violet Willow) Purple stems with white bloom O Ba 2.50 1.80 1.20
Pic 8'x8' S.elaeagnos subsp. angustifolia      please see Salix rosmarinifolia below        
  15'x12' S.erythroflexuosa Red Twigged Twisted Willow O 4-5' 10.00    
Pic 25'x15' S.irrorata Dewey looking purple stems O 2.50 1.80 1.20
Pic 12'x12' S.purpurea Graceful bush, bluish foliage Ba O W 2.50 1.80 1.20
Pic 8'x8' S.rosmarinifolia
 = S. eleagnus angustifolia
Rosemary leaf Willow Narrow silvery foliage O 4.00 3.00  
Pic 20'x20' S.smithiana Biomass hybrid  also good for basketry  Bi 2.50 1.80 1.20
Pic 25'x10' S.triandra  High quality brown basket twig Ba 2.50 1.80 1.20
Pic 12'x20' S.udensis 'Sekka' Flat stems, early catkins O 4.00 3.00
Pic 15'x15' S.viminalis Osier, fast and productive Ba O 2.50 1.80 1.20



WILLOW COLLECTIONS   25 plants for € 45   50 plants for € 70    100 plants for € 120

Basket Willows

Colour mix inc red, yellow, green, brown

Biomass Willows for Firewood Salix smithiana, viminalis, triandra etc

River or Lakesides

Bushy willows with mixed habits

Tree Willows for Ornament and Shelterbelts

Salix Alba varieties, Cinerea etc.


WILLOW CUTTINGS ~ UN-ROOTED:  Available from January to March 2017
Willow takes very well from cuttings. Ours are pencil thickness, about 1ft long and come with full planting instructions.

While stocks are available, we can select varieties noted for their coloured stems, willows suitable for basketry and weaving, willow structures, shelterbelts and/or firewood.              Let us know your preferences.

  COST: 20 cuttings for € 18  50 cuttings for € 40  ~  100 cuttings for € 75
              (please add 12 euro for delivery if required and if you are not ordering other plants)

We may also be able to supply Salix viminalis as Rods for Living Willow Fences:

5ft rods at 1 euro each      (delivery 15 euro if required)
      suitable for low fences approx 3ft tall (about 2ft of the rod is below ground)
7 to 8ft rods at 1.50 each   (delivery 15 euro if required)   
     for taller fences and willow structures

Please note that to keep them fresh, Willow Cuttings are done to order between January and March and are not available 'off the shelf'.
We need about a week's notice for collections and mail order