Future Forests: Soft Fruit. Available by mail-order. Updated 26th April 2017  

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Bare-root Fruit Bushes are only for sale when dormant, from late October to early April.
This was our list for the 2016-17 bare-root season. Most plants should be available again next autumn.
To pre-order ring us on 027 66176 or email info@futureforests.ie

  for container grown FRUIT suitable for year round planting. please see POTTED FRUIT
  Asparagus bareroot 2 year crowns   2.50 each ~ 10 for 20    
  Conover's Colossal   Good flavour and reliable. Allow plants to build up for at least 1 yr
info  Blueberries   Highbush varieties.     Need acid soil, best results obtained with a mix of varieties
  Blue Crop, Jersey and Patriot 1lt pot 8 each ~ 5 for 35  
Pink Lemonade
3lt pot 12 each ~ 3 for 30  
  Cranberries potted 8 each ~ 5 for 35 Cranberries need moist boggy conditions
  Early Black   An early variety producing large juicy red/purple fruit Self fertile
  Pilgrim   Large red fruit, reddish brown autumn foliage Self fertile
  Currants bareroot 3.75 each   ~ 5 for 17.50 Varieties listed in order of fruiting
Pic Blackcurrants   Ben Sarek, Malling Jet,  Ben Tirran Self fertile, fruit on new wood
  Redcurrants   Jonkeer Van Tets, Rovada, Red Lake Self fertile, fruit on old wood
  Whitecurrant   Blanka Self fertile, fruit on old wood
  Figs 3lt pot 12 each    
  Brown Turkey   Reliable outdoors, green brown skin, sweet Self fertile  Aug-Sep
  Gooseberries bareroot 3.75 each   ~ 5 for 17.50 All self fertile
  Black Velvet   Sharp red fruits, vigorous bush, heavy crops, mid July  
  Hinnomaki Red   Dual purpose red fruits, disease resistant. mid July  
Pic Invicta   Pale green, good for cooking and dessert, late July  
Pic Leveller sold out Large fruit with exceptional flavour, late July  
  Pax sold out Large red fruit, cook or eat, almost spineless late July  
  Goji Berry bareroot 8 each  
  Lycium barbarum   Small red fruits rich in nutrients likes well drained soil, not too rich
  Grapes 1lt pot   8 each  
  Himrod   White seedless grape, indoor  
  Vanessa Sold out Red seedless grape  
    bareroot 10 each  
  Black Hamburg   Dark grape for indoors   
  Madeline Angevine Sold out Early, white outdoor grape  
  Honeyberry 2lt pot 17 each  ~ 3 for 45   
  Lonicera caerulea   Seedless dark blue fruits to eat fresh or for preserves  
info Hybrid & other Berries young bareroot plants: 5 each    
  To train along wires etc    
  Blackberry Lochness   Thornless with large fruits  from late August    
  Boysenberry   Large purple fruit July to August Blackberry x Loganberry
  Loganberry LY59   This variety is easy to grow and excellent for jam  
  Tayberry   Large dark red fruits late July into Aug Blackberry x Raspberry
  To grow as a bush   young bareroot plants: 6 each   
  Jostaberry bareroot Fruit like giant blackcurrants in July Blackcurrant x Gooseberry
  Worcesterberry bareroot Vigorous, thorny, purple fruit for jam & wine Gooseberry x Blackcurrant
  Kiwi Fruit 9cm pot 6 each   
  Actinidia del. 'Solissimo'   Large sweet fruit, vigorous climber, needs warmth Self fertile, late summer
  Lingonberry   Low evergreen, pink flowers, fruit tastes like cranberry. Acid soil, good ground-cover
  Vaccinium vitis 'Koralie' 1lt pot 8 each ~ 5 for 35  
  Vaccinium 'Little Miss Cherry' 3lt pot 12 each ~ 3 for 30  
info Raspberries bareroot 1 bundle of 10 canes for 12, 3 bundles for  30 sold in bundles of 10 of one variety
  Malling Jewel   Dark fruit, good disease resistance early July - early Aug Cut back in autumn
  Glen Ample sold out Excellent flavour, heavy crops late July - Aug  Cut back in autumn
  Glen Clova   Old reliable variety, high yields early July - early Aug Cut back in autumn
  Autumn Bliss     Large red fruit, heavy crops, good disease resistance late Aug - Oct   Cut back in spring
  All Gold   Autumn fruiting, golden yellow raspberries Sept - Oct. Cut back in spring
  Rhubarb bareroot 3 each ~ 4 for 10 Rhubarb needs good rich soil
  Champagne   Early variety, pink stems good for forcing  
  Timperly Early sold out The most popular, easy to establish, disease resistant  
  Victoria   Very old variety, good quality, high yields  
  Sea Buckthorn bareroot 2-4ft bushy   12 each ~ 3 for   30 Hippophae rhamnoides
  Hip. rham. 'Askola'
Hip. rham. 'Pollmix'
Strong shrub, deep orange red fruits rich in vitamins ripen end of August. Tough & hardy.
Prune to keep a good shape. One male will pollinate several females
  Strawberries bareroot 1 bundle of 10 crowns 5, 
3 bundles for 
sold in bundles of 10 of one variety
    sorry, all strawberries now sold out  
  Cambridge Favourite   Reliable old variety Varieties listed in order of fruiting
  Elsanta   Large glossy orange red fruit  
  Symphony   Heavy crops extend the season to late July  
  Starting your own Fruit Garden ?  
    We are offering a Soft Fruit Collection for just 35
We will select
hardy and reliable varieties suitable for a small garden as follows:
    3 Currant Bushes, mixed  
    2 Gooseberry Bushes, mixed  
    2 Rhubarb stools  
    10 Raspberry canes  
    10 Strawberry plants  
      A great way to introduce children to the garden !   
They will be able to sample some fruit this summer and good crops thereafter......
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