Future Forests: Bareroot Roses suitable for mail-order. Updated 26th October 2017.
Blanc Double de CoubertArthur BellAltissimoPenny Lane
BAREROOT ROSES Bare-root Roses are only suitable for planting when dormant, from October to March
  We expect to offer the following Roses during the 2017-18 planting season
Some varieties are only available in limited numbers so early booking is advisable. 
To pre-order ring us on 027 66176 or email info@futureforests.ie

Climbers, Ramblers, Scramblers, Floribundas, Hybrid Teas and Ground Cover Roses:                       10 each
Old Fashioned Roses: Albas, Bourbons, Damasks, Gallicas, Moss, China, Portland    12 each
Persica, Rugosa & Species Roses:       
12 each
David Austin Roses:                    15 each

Modern Climbers   10 each All repeat flowering
Pic Arthur Bell, climber   Clear yellow sweet scent. 8ft.
Pic Bantry Bay   Large, semi double bright pink flowers, slightly fragrant 12ft
Pic Blue Moon   Lilac mauve/blue. Scented. 8 x 12ft.
Pic Compassion   Double flowers of pink shaded apricot, v fragrant 8ft
Pic Ena Harkness, climber  Deep red with superb fragrance. 15ft
  Galway Bay  (potted) Pink semi double flowers, 12ft
Pic Iceberg, climber Large clusters of pure white flowers, delicate scent 18 x 12ft
Pic New Dawn   Shell pink, repeat flowering, scented and shade tolerant 12ft.
Old Fashioned Climbers   10 each All Fragrant and most repeat flowering 
Pic Alistair Stella Gray  Pale yellow noisette with darker centre, repeat flower 15ft.
Pic Blush Noisette Semi double lilac pink flowers, clove scent, repeat flowering 10ft
  Buff Beauty Apricot yellow with strong tea fragrance, 5ft
Pic Mme. Alfred Carriere  Soft dbl white, pink flush fragrant, shade tolerant 12 x 10ft.
Pic Souvenir du Dr Jamain   Wine red double flws, v fragrant and repeat flowering 10x7ft
Ramblers    10 each Ideal for trellises, arches and through hedges
Pic Albertine    Vigorous old rambler flowers dbl pink flushed golden 15ft
Pic Excelsa Double light crimson, rep. fl. slight scent. 10ft.
Pic Felicite et Perpetue Clusters of scented rosette flowers, creamy white to blush pink. 25ft
Pic Francis E. Lester  Huge heads of white, pink flushed flowers. Good in trees and  shade. Scented 15ft.
Pic Phyllis Bide Salmon pink/gold semi double repeat flowers, shade ok 12ft
Pic Veilchenblau Violet blooms fading to slate grey, scented 15ft
Scramblers    10 each Very vigorous, good up trees, all fragrant
Pic Kew Rambler  Soft pink single flowers, takes shade and poor soil 18ft
Pic Paul's Himalayan Musk   Dble blush pink fading to white, shade tolerant, scented. 30ft.
Pic Rambling Rector   Creamy white flw clusters, fragrant, good hips, shade ok 30ft
  Ground Cover Roses   10 each Low and spreading for banks or front of beds
  Bonica Soft pink flowers throughout the summer 4ft x 6ft
Pic Cambridgeshire Semi double pink, red & gold blooms all summer. 1.5ft x 2ft
Pic Magic Carpet    Semi double lavender flowers, spicy scent, repeat flw 2ftx6ft
Pic Partridge  Single pure white flws late summer, scented 2ftx10ft
Pic Pheasant  As above but with pink flowers. These 2 'birds' are ideal for covering steep banks
Pic Red Blanket    Masses of small rosy red flowers all summer 3ft x 3ft
  Flower Carpet Roses    potted 11 each  
  We have a selection of these in various colours throughout the year. Please Ask  


Floribunda Roses    10 each These carry their blooms in clusters throughout the summer
Pic Amber Queen         Large amber yellow flowers, fragrant 2ft
  Burgundy Ice Striking velvety plum flowers, light scent 2.5ft x 1.5ft
  Champagne Moment Pink buds open to white flowers with apricot eye 3ft x 2ft
Pic Margaret Merril  Dainty white blooms, satin-pink sheen, wonderful scent 3ft x 3ft
Pic Rhapsody in Blue   Mauvey blue flowers with good scent 3ft
Pic Sexy Rexy Large clusters of scented soft pink blooms, 3ft
Pic Trumpeter  (potted) Strong red flowers with good rain resistance
  Hybrid Tea Roses   10 each The classic single Rose. These are many others, do ask if you are looking for a special one
Pic Just Joey    Elegant coppery blooms, good fragrance, repeat flowering 3ft
Pic Peace   Beautiful fragrant creamy yellow flowers tinged warm pink, 4-5ft


Persica Roses   12 each Ideal for front of flower bed or tubs, Persica Roses have a unique coloured 'eye' and flower all summer
  'Eyes for You' Frilly mauve flowers with dark purple centre 2ft x 1ft
  'Persian Sun' Peachy flowers with dark eye, disease resistant 2ft x 1ft+


Rugosa Roses   12 each Resilient and excellent by the sea,  all are repeat flowering
Pic Agnes   Soft yellow double flowers, scented 5ft x5ft.
Pic Blanche Double de Coubert  (potted) Semi double fragrant white blooms,  4ft.
Pic Carmen  Single velvet red, gold stamens, ok on poor dry soil, 4ft x 4ft
Pic Fru Dagmar Hastrup Single rose pink, rep. fl., autumn leaf colour and good hips 5ft
Pic Hansa  Dark red, scented double flowers, red hips  4ft.
Pic Mrs Anthony Waterer   Deep crimson semi dble flowers rich scent 5ft
Pic Roseraie de l'Hay Rich purple, v. scented. tolerant of shade and poor soil 7ft x 7ft.
Pic Scabrosa  Large velvety pink mauve single flws huge hips 6x4'


Alba Roses   12 each Old roses suitable for poor or shady ground or by the sea
Pic Alba Maxima  (1899) Jacobite Rose, v scented white blooms with creamy centre 6ft
Pic Queen of Denmark (1826)   Large quartered soft pink flws , v fragrant  5ft
Bourbon Roses   12 each Repeat flowering old Roses with strong fragrance
Pic Boule de Neige    (1867) Red tinged buds, double ivory flowers, v scented 4ft
Pic Honorine de Barbant  Pink striped lilac, darkening with age, hardy, vigorous 6ft
Pic Louise Odier  Warm lilac pink, rich fragrance, good disease resistance 5ft x 4ft
Pic Mme Isaac Pereire   Large deep rose pink, v. fragrant, rep fl., 5ft
Pic Mme Pierre Oger (1878) Double pale silvery pink flowers, very fragrant 5ft
China Roses    12 each Flower with constant regularity throughout the summer
Pic Gruss an Achen (1909)  Soft pink fading to cream, v scented, 2ftx2ft  good for tubs
Pic Hermosa  (1840)   Pale pink double, rep. flw, scented 3 to 4ft, few thorns
Pic Old Blush China  Last Rose of Summer   Double pink flws from May till autumn, good scent 4ftx3ft 
Pic Perle d'Or  (1884)  Clusters of double flowers of buff apricot, scented 4ft
Pic Viridifolia    The Green Rose  (potted) A green rose without petals ! Bract like flowers of drab green, unusual 3ft x 3ft
Damask Roses   12 each One of the oldest groups of Roses with superb fragrance
Pic Ispahan  Very scented, bright pink, long flowering season
Pic Mme Hardy ( 1832)   Pure white double with green eye, lemon fragrance 5ft
Pic Quatre Saisons    Double silvery pink flowering into late autumn 4ft
Gallica Roses    12 each The oldest garden Roses in deep purples / pinks, shade tolerant
Pic Belle de Crecy (1848) Cerise pink to soft violet, few thorns, superb fragrance 4ft
Pic Cardinal de Richelieu (c.1840)  Sumptuous deep purple, almost thornless v scented 5ft. x 4ft.
Pic Charles de Mills  Very double purple / deep red very fragrant 4ft
Pic R. gallica officianalis  Apothecary's Rose    Crimson fls. fade to purple, strong scent.   c.1600, 4ft.
Pic Rosa Mundi    Crimson striped white, very fragrant, c.1600. 3ft
Moss Roses   12 each Very old roses with curious mossy stems behind their flowers
Pic Captaine John Ingram  Dusky maroon purple with red 'moss'. Scented 5ft
Pic Chapeau de Napoleon   Crested Moss  Strictly a centifolia, silvery pink flowers. Very fragrant, 5ft
Pic Old Pink Moss ( 1700)   (potted) Clear pink flowers exceptionally fragrant, lax habit 4ft
  Portland Roses   12 each Repeat flowering 'old style' roses that do well in tubs
Pic Compte de Chambord  Warm pink flowers opening flat and quartered, strong scent 4ft
Wild Roses and their Hybrids   12 each Old species Roses, most with simple flowers & good fragrance
Pic R.centifolia  Cabbage Rose  (potted) Glowing pink flat double flws early summer, v fragrant 5ft
Pic R. moyesii Geranium (potted) Single bright red flowers, orange red hips. 7x7ft.
Pic Stanwell Perpetual  Very scented soft pink repeat flowering. 6ft.
Pic R. xanthina Canary Bird  Bright yellow single flowers, ferny leaves. 7ft. x 7ft.

DAVID AUSTIN BUSH ROSES      15 each    all fragrant, repeat flowering with good disease resistance 

Pic Abraham Darby   Large apricot yellow flowers with fruity fragrance, 5ft
  Gertrude Jekyll   Rich pink double blooms, very fragrant 5ft
Pic Graham Thomas  Deep yellow double cupped flowers, tea scent, 4ft.
Pic L D Braithwaite    Flat double crimson flowers with deep fragrance 4ft
Pic Teasing Georgia  Cup shape cream flowers edged with gold, fruity scent 5ft
Pic Winchester Cathedral  Double white open flowers  with honey / almond fragrance

WILD ROSES, not grafted : 3 each 

  Rosa canina, Dog Rose Our native wild rose, good hips, 10ft+ Native
Pic Rosa multiflora White flowers, spreading, few thorns, good by the sea  15ft,  
  Rosa pimpinellifolia Burnet Rose Low bush with pink / white flowers 3ft Native (R.spinosissima)
  Rosa rubiginosa    Vigorous and thorny, pink flowers 8ft Native
Pic Rosa rubrifolia = glauca Slate grey foliage, pink flowers good by the sea, 7ft   

RUGOSA ROSES, not grafted : 3 each  ~  Please see our Hedging Page for Quantity Discounts  ~     all hardy and tolerant of sea winds, with good disease resistance &  large hips

  Rosa rugosa Textured leaves, pink flowers, big hips, good by the sea 
  Rosa rugosa 'Alba' As above with white flowers
  Rosa rugosa 'Rubra'  This rugosa has darker pink flowers

There is a limit to the number of Roses we can hold in stock so if the Rose you are looking for is not listed or marked 'SOLD OUT' please ask.       We will try to find it for you