Future Forests  Rockery and Alpine Perennials. Suitable for Mail Order.  
Arenaria BalearicaAcaena 'Copper Carpet'Helianthemum 'The Bride'Sedum Sieboldii
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Genus Species / variety Common name Brief Description       Mature height in cm  flowering time in months (e.g. 5-8 = May to Aug)  
  Achillea 'King Alfred'   Primrose yellow flowers, soft filigree leaf. 10cm
  Alyssum montana 'Mountain Gold'   Masses of bright yellow flowers mid spring, 10cm
    saxatile   Golden flowers, grey leaves, low growing 3-5
  Anemone blanda 'Blue'   Low blue daisy flowers with yellow centre in spring
  Aquilegia flabellata 'Cameo Mix' Fan Columbine Blue/pink flowers, white centers, 15cm x 15cm 5-6
  Arabis alpina 'Douler Angevine' Rock Cress Green/cream foliage, fragrant white flowers 3-6
    alpina 'Pinky'   Low growing, pink flowers in spring
    alpina 'Variegata   A mat of green/cream leaves white flowers 20cm 3-6
    ferd.-coburgi 'Old Gold'   Low carpet of green/gold leaves, white flowers
    'Little Treasure Pink'   Pink flowers for rockery 20cm
    'Snow Cap'   This rock Cress has masses of white flowers
    bleph. 'Spring Charm'   Cerise flowers spring to early summer, rockery 15cm
  Arenaria balearica   Evergreen mat, white flowers on stems. Rockery
    montana   Pure white flowers for rockery or wall. 15cm 4-6
  Armeria junip. 'Bevan's Variety'   Deep pink flowers from late spring. Compact.
Pic   maritima 'Alba'   White flower tufts, grass like leaves. 20cm. 5-7
    maritima 'Rubrifolia'   Chocolate coloured foliage, deep rose flowers
    maritima 'Splendens' Sea Pink Grass like leaves, mauve flowers 20cm 5-7. Native.
  Aster alpinus Blue/Pink   Pale blue/pink daisy flowers yellow eye 4-6. 30cm
  Aubretia blue, purple and red varieties Cascades of spring flowers for rockery / walls etc
    variegata   Variegated foliage, blue/mauve flowers, for rockery
  Bellis perennis Daisy Small daisy flowers in white, rose or red. 15cm 2-4
  Campanula carpatica 'White Clips' Carpathian Bellflower Masses of  bell shaped white flowers 20cm. 6-8
    garganica Adriatic Bellflower Blue starry flowered rockery plant. 30cm 6-8
Pic   muralis Dalmatian Bellflower Blue bell shaped flowers, low for rockery
    poscharskyana Bellflower Masses of soft blue fls, great for a wall. 25cm. 6-7
  Cerastium tomentosum Snow in Summer Grey leaves, masses of white flowers
  Delosperma congesta Ice Plant Rockery succulent, bright yellow flowers 6-7
    sutherlandii   Spreading succulent. Bright pink daisy flws 5cm 6-9
  Dianthus deltoides Albus Maiden Pink Low evergreen mat former.15cm. White flowers 5-9
    deltoides 'Artic Fire'   Evergreen mat, white flowers, crimson eye 15cm 5-9
    deltoides 'Flashing Lights'   Evergreen mat former, cerise flowers 6-7 15cm. Sun
  Eranthis hyemalis Winter Aconite Cheerful yellow flowers in very early spring. 20cm
  Erodium 'Bishop's Form'   Low growing rockery plant.12cm.Pink flowers 5-9
  Gypsophila cerastiodes Baby's Breath White flowers. Low growing, rockery.
    repens 'Rosea'   Small pink flowers on trailing stems 10cm. Rockery.
  Helianthemum 'Cerise Queen' Rock Rose Pink flowers. 25 cm 5-8.Low growing rockery. Sun
    'Ben Fhada'   Masses of yellow flowers with orange eyes 30cm 5-8
    'Bunbury'   This rock rose has strong pink flowers
    'Cerise Queen'   Pink flowering rock rose 30cm 5-8
    'Fire Dragon'    Orange red flowers, 40 cm 5-8
    'Georgeham'   Silver evergreen leaves, dark pink flowers 30cm 5-8
    'Henfield Brilliant'   Gray green leaves, single orange red flowers
    'Lawrenson's Pink'   Dark green foliage, rose pink flowers
    'The Bride'   Creamy white flowers, 20cm 5-8
    'Wisley Primrose'   Grey green foliage, yellow flowers 20cm 5-8
  Iberis sempervirens Perennial Candytuft Full white candytuft flowers 20cm
    s. 'Pink Ice'   Pale pink candytuft flowers 20cm
  Lampranthus   Rosy Dew Plant Fleshy leaves, sparkling flowers, sun, rockery
  Lentopodium alpinum Edelweiss Daisy flowers with white felted petals
  Lilium formosanum var Pricei   Compact, white trumpets flushed purple 15cm 6-7
  Mimulus Highland Red Monkey Flower Bright red snapdragon like flowers. 5-9 25cm
  Morisia monanthos   Yellow flws above fine-cut foliage 2.5cm 3-6
  Papaver 'Garden Gnome' Poppy Dainty dwarf Poppy for rockery etc
  Phlox sub 'Candy Stripes'   Low carpet of pale pink flowers with darker stripes
    'Crackerjack'   Intense pink flowers 5cm x 25 cm .Rockery
    'Daniel's Cushion'   Pink flowers, low foliage. 15cm. Rockery. Sun
    'Ice Mountain'   White flowers, low foliage. Rockery 10cm
    'Nettleton Variegation'   Cream/green leaves, bright pink flws spring 10cm.Sun
  Pratia angulata 'Woodside'   Mat forming evergreen, white star shaped flowers 2cm
  Pulsatilla vulgaris var. rubra Pasque Flower Deep red yellow centred hanging flowers 3-5 15cm
  Saxifraga arendsii Highlander Red   Mossy saxifrage, deep red flowers 10cm
    cunefolia variegata   Variegated version with creamy flowers 10cm
    'Silver Cushion'   Low mounds of white spring flowers 10cm
    'Winnifred Bennington'   Evergreen leaf rosettes topped by soft pink flower sprays in spring, for rockeries and walls
    x urbium London Pride Fleshy leaf rosettes, tiny pink flowers on stems 10cm
  Sedum 'Coca Cola'   Silver grey leaves, soft pink flowers 20cm
    origanum   Glossy leaves, bright yellow flowers 5cm
    reflexum Yellow Stonecrop Evergreen succulent,  rich yellow flower clusters  25cm
    spaeth. 'Cape Blanco'   Mat of grey white leaves, starry yellow spring flowers
Pic Sempervivum (in variety) Houseleek Neat rosettes of succulent leaves, pink flowers
  Silene schafta    (AGM)   Dark pink flowers above mat of green leaves 7- 9
  Sisyrinchium californicum Golden Eyed Grass Alpine, sword like leaf yellow star flowers 15cm 6-6
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