Future Forests: Plants for Dry Shade. Suitable for Mail Order. Updated 27th January 2014. 

Vinca MajorBergenia CordifoliaLiriope Muscari 'Moneymaker'Ajuga
  The Perennials listed below are all suitable for Dry Shade See  All Perennials A-Z  for plants currently in stock
Genus Species / variety Common name Brief Description       Mature height in cm  flowering time in months (e.g. 5-8 = May to Aug)    
  Ajuga 'Black Scallop' Bugle Dark-leaved groundcover. Blue flowers spring.    
    reptans   Native, blue flower spikes above creeping foliage    
    rep' Braunherz'   Purple bronze leaves. Deep blue flower spikes 15cm    
    rep. 'Evening Glow'   Rich purple foliage, blue flowers in spring. Woodland    
Pic Alchemilla mollis Lady’s Mantle For sun or shade, yellowy green flowers.40cm. 5-9    
  Astrantia major 'Rubra' Masterwort Intense red flowers.    
  Bergenia cordifolia Elephant's Ears Large evergreen leaf, light pink flowers, 45 cm. easy    
    cord. Bressingham White   Masses of white flowers    
    cord. Rotblum   Dark pink/red flowers in spring. Evergreen 50cm    
  Convallaria majalis Lily of the Valley Fragrant white flowers on low arching stems, May    
  Dicentra spectabilis 'Alba'   Nodding white flowers in spring, ferny foliage    
  Digitalis lutea   Tubular creamy yellow flowers 75cm 6-7    
    purpurea Foxglove Tall spikes of purple / mauve flowers in May, Native    
    x mertonensis Strawberry Foxglove Vivid purple/cerise flower spikes    
  Epimedim rubrum   Reddish leaves in spring, tiny red flowers 30cm 3-4    
  Euphorbia  amyg.var. robbiae Wood Spurge Evergreen leaves, lime green flowers 30cm 4-6    
    characias subs wulfenii Spurge Evergreen, lime yellow flowers in spring 90cm    
    polychroma Cushion Spurge Electric yellow bracts form yellow green mound 4-6    
    x martinii   Red stems, fine leaves, canary yellow bracts    
  Geranium mac. 'Espresso'   Bold red brown leaves, pale pink flowers    
    phaem 'Samboor'   Almost black flowers.Purple marked leaves45cm 5-6    
  Heuchera 'Cathedral Windows' Coral Flower Purple leaves with pewter veins, white flowers 6-8    
    'Coral Forest'   Scarlet flowers over green leaves, 30cm 6-8    
Pic   'Palace Purple'   Dark purple evergreen foliage, white flowers    
  Polygonatum humile Dwarf Solomon's Seal Hanging tubular white flws with green rim, 30cm 5-6    
  Saxifraga x urbium London Pride Fleshy leaf rosettes, tiny pink flowers on stems 10cm    
  Vinca major Periwinkle Vigorous groundcover, large leaf, large mauve flower    
    minor   Less vigorous, smaller leaf and daintier flowers    
        For our full range of perennials, see  'All Perennials A to Z'

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