Future Forests  Perennials for Damp Ground. Suitable for Mail Order. Updated 25th January 2014.

Astilbe Washington Astilbe Fanal Hosta Wide Brim Hemerocallis Louis M Rodgersia Henrici Hybrid

  The Perennials listed below are all suitable for Damp Ground See  All Perennials A-Z  for plants currently in stock
Genus Species / variety Common name Brief Description       Mature height in cm  flowering time in months (e.g. 5-8 = May to Aug)    
  Aconitum c. 'Arendsii' Monkshood Tall and stately, hooded blue flowers 180cm poisonous    
  Astilbe chinensis pumila   Fluffy pink flower plumes.7-9 25cm. Likes damp    
    'Sprite'   Dark green leaf, pink flower, lower than most Astilbe    
Pic Caltha palustris Marsh Marigold Yellow buttercup flowers 60cm. 3-5 Boggy ground.    
    palustris 'plena'   Double yellow flowers 3-5. Loves boggy ground.30cm    
  Hemerocallis (in variety) Day Lily Strappy leaves, red/yellow flowers, damp tolerant    
    'Bonanza'   This variety has large orange flowers    
    'Crimson Pirate'   Red flowers with a yellow eye    
    'Frans Hals'   Bicolor orange / yellow    
    'Pink Damask'   Bright plum pink flowers    
    'Stella d'Or'   Shorter than most, lovely yellow flowers 35cm 5-9    
  Hosta 'Fragrant Bouquet'   Heart shaped leaf edged cream. Scented white flws 50cm    
  Inula 'Hookeri'   Yellow daisy flowers on 3ft stems 6-9    
  Iris foetidissima Stinking Iris Decorative bright scarlet seeds in winter, likes damp    
Pic   pseudoacorus Yellow Flag Sword like foliage, large yellow flowers, likes damp    
    pseudoac. 'Variegata'   Similar with green and white striped leaves    
    siberica Siberian Flag Blue purple beardless iris, moist soil. 90cm 5-6    
    sibirica 'Blue king'   Rich purple blooms 5-6 120cm. Moist ground    
  Ligularia dent. 'Dark Beauty''   Yellow daisy like flws. Large purple leaves.1.2m 7-9    
    dent. 'Desdemona'   Yellow daisy like flowers, large purple leaves.1m 7-9    
    przewalskii   Deeply cut leaves, yellow flowers on stems 1m 6-8    
  Lobelia card. 'Queen Victoria'   Dark foliage, deep red flowers on tall spikes 6-8    
  Lychnis flos-cuculi Ragged Robin Pink ragged star shaped flowers.75cm 6-8. Damp    
    flos-cuculi 'White Robin' Ragged Robin White star-shaped flowers.75cm. Damp tolerant.    
  Lythrum salicaria 'Robert' Loosetrife Spikes of purple star shaped flowers 70cm 6-9    
  Primula bulleyana Candleabra Primula Gold flowers on tall stems 6-7.60-90cm.Damp ground.    
Pic   denticulata Drumstick Primula Drumstick primulas in various shades 25cm 3-5    
    florindae Giant Cowslip Yellow flowers, damp soil. 40cm. 6-8    
    japonica 'Apple Blossom' Candleabra primula Blush pink flowers fade to white.5-6 40cm. Damp    
    jap.'Miller's Crimson' Candleabra primula Semi evergreen .Crimson flowers 5-6 . 45cm. Damp    
    pulverulenta Candleabra primula Deep red flowers on white stems 6-7. 90cm. Moist.    
  Prunella vulgaris Self Heal Low and spreading, dark blue / violet flowers    
  Rheum palmatum var, tanguticum Chinese Rhubarb Tall clump of 5 lobed leaves, cream flowers    
  Rodgersia aesculifolia   Exotic foliage, sprays of cream flowers late summer 1m    
  Trollius chin. Golden Queen Globeflower Bright orange flowers/yellow centres 90cm 5-6    
Pic Zantedeschia aethiopica Arum Lily White funnel shaped flower spaethes, 90cm 5-8    
        For our full range of perennials, see  'All Perennials A to Z'



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