Blackberry, Raspberry and hybrid berry cultivation  notes


There are two types of raspberry, 'summer' and 'autumn', which have different characteristics. Summer raspberries fruit on the previous year's growth, ie old wood, and autumn raspberries fruit on the current years growth. Pruning requirements are thus different. Planting is the same for both types. Dig a trench three inch deep into ground previously cleared of perennial weeds and enriched by having dug in plenty of well rotten manure. Plant eighteen inches apart. Prune canes back to a bud ten inches above the ground. Mulch either side of the line of raspberries with well rotten manure, and compost or leaf-mould for moisture retention. Cut back the fruiting canes of the summer raspberries to ground level after harvest. Cut autumn raspberries back to ground level in late winter. Posts and wires are recommended, though not so important for autumn raspberries. Water well in dry periods during the growing season.

Blackberries are planted in similar ground to the raspberries as are the hybrid berries, the difference being that one plant will take up a good length along the post and wires, so planting distances are bigger. These distances vary from berry to berry

Boysenberries, Loganberries, Tayberries and Tummelberries need planting eight feet apart, Bedford Giant and Himalaya Giant Blackberries and Sunberries need to be fifteen feet apart. The blackberry 'Loch Ness' grows as an upright bush, so doesn't need tying. Japanese Wineberries need to be planted six feet apart. Their growth is more bushy in nature.

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